As an enterprise, filmmaking creates and provides profound nuances unique to the medium. The art of moving pictures affords her craftsmen to shape and mould a story through dialogue, character, color and sound. The luxuries of the latter two, though the most subtle, are often the most powerful. To that end, as we drafted, storyboarded and prayed over the themes and content of The Great Rage, first in the five-part Covenant and Controversy film series, we exhausted no small amount of energy wading through the color palates and music scores which would best undergird and strengthen so sober a subject.

We stumbled upon Iceland's Hildur Guðnadóttir through the course of preproduction for The Great Rage, while the series' outlines were first being drafted. We knew immediately her work as a cellist, composer and singer would bring the emotive narrative we were looking for—haunting, arresting and absolutely gorgeous. It goes without saying our team was ecstatic when Touch agreed to license Hildur's work to us, largely from 2009's Without Sinking. We cannot imagine The Great Rage without her tremendous contribution.

Hildur's music is available for purchase on iTunes, bandcamp and her personal website. We encourage you to buy all of it—humanity benefits from beautiful art, and this is no small offering. Grab a book, a mug of tea or coffee, and enjoy the soundscapes crafted by this brilliant woman.