We are excited to say that last week we completed filming the final interviews for "The Great Rage," the first installment in the C&C series. 

Next week we begin the process of archiving and editing. While in post-production for the first film, we will also be writing and filming for subsequent films in the series. Production will be ongoing.

In the next month or so we will be releasing the first trailer and announcing the release date for "The Great Rage." In the meantime we will be posting behind-the-scenes photos and videos as well as frame-grabs from the actual film here on the C&C site and on our social media accounts (beneath this post are new frame-grabs). 

We will be releasing each of the films online for free streaming and download. They will also be available on DVD/BluRay to purchase individually and in bulk (for churches, missions bases and seminaries). 

We are thrilled to be able to release these films free of charge. In order to do so, we need help covering the costs of production. With filming behind us, our most pressing need at this stage is financial resources to cover the cost of post-production. Shooting in the highest quality of raw uncompressed digital formats that we are (which allows for maximum flexibility in post-production) is expensive. For one film, storage alone that is large enough and fast enough to ingest, save, protect and process the footage costs thousands of dollars. 

With that said, we are currently in need of financial resources to get the first film done.

Would you consider partnering with us by investing into the completion of the first film? And if you share our burden for the continued production of the series, would you consider becoming a monthly partner? The costs are as ongoing as production. 

Making one-time donations and setting up monthly partnership is fast and easy. To do so, or to read more, click here.

In our previous update we shared some behind-the-scenes photos from the European leg of filming. In this update we want to share some frame-grabs from Israel, Poland and some of our interviews to give you a feel for what's coming.

We are grateful for your support and friendship.

For His Glory,
The C&C Production Team