On October 1, 2016, The City of the Great King Special Edition will be available on DVD and Vimeo On Demand. For two months leading up to the December 1 Global Release (wherein the feature film will be available for free), we'll be screening the feature film worldwide and want to bring the film to your hometown.

Film screenings are not simply events—they're meant to build relationship. We want to meet you, get to know your community, and let your community get to know our team. But before any invitations are issued, we want to introduce ourselves.

On Monday, August 29th, we'll send out a Press Release to provide pastors, teachers and community leaders with exclusive material and Press Access to our production team and upcoming film. If you would like this information, or would like to pass it on to your pastor, sign up here or shoot our team an email at covenantandcontroversy@faimission.org.

We look forward to getting to know you.


For His Glory –

The CC Production Team