We premiered the Covenant and Controversy series trailer (see below) several months ago, and ever since have fielded inquiries for access to the song used in the short. Understandably so; Jaye Thomas exclusively sings "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" in his original a cappella arrangement, and Jaye Thomas knows how to sang.

Preproduction for Covenant and Controversy launched several years ago—in 2013, with additional preparation even in the months before then. Much has evolved in that time (for example, this five-part series was originally intended for one 90-minute piece!). Filmmaking, drafting and scriptwriting can be very fluid enterprises, but we have always known we wanted Jaye to sing this song for this series. We have always envisioned the last scene fading to black just as Jaye's voice begins to swell before the credits roll, so we approached him before the first year's end and asked him to contribute to the project.

Fortunately for us and everyone else on the planet, he said yes.

As we launch the Global Release of Part One: The Great Rage, it is our tremendous privilege to present to you "O Come, O Come Emmanuel," arranged and performed by one of our favorite singers, worship leaders, and human beings in general: Jaye Thomas.



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Jaye Thomas appears courtesy of Forerunner Music
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