Below are the venue details for confirmed screenings. This page will be updated regularly.

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DATE                    CITY                                         VENUE                                     TIME

17 August             Sofia, Bulgaria*                        VEREN Library                         19:00

30 August            Atlanta, GA USA                      Riverstone Church                   6:00PM

12 September      St. Andrews, Scotland UK       Hepburn Gardens                    19:00

18 September      Fosston, MN USA                    Bethel Assembly Church         7:00PM

19 September      Sarasota, FL USA                    The Harvest Church                 2:00PM

24 September     Kansas City, MO USA              IHOPU                                      7:00PM

27 September     Northfield, CA USA                  Houses of Light Church          5:00PM

29 September     Colorado Springs, CO USA     Every Home for Christ             6:30PM

3 October            Seattle, WA USA                      Calvary Chapel                        7:00PM

3 October            Columbus, GA USA                 Christ Community Church       6:30PM

9 October            Mount Laurel,NJ USA              Church Without Borders         7:00PM

16 October          Bloomington, MN USA             Bethany Church                       6:30PM

24 October         Chattanooga (Dayton) TN       Contact for Details                   6:30PM

31 October          Perth, AUS                                 UWA                                         6:30PM

31 October          Cambridge, MA                        JHOP Boston                            7:00PM

1 November         Nashville, TN USA                    Woodmont Bible Church          6:00PM

1 November         Dundee, Scotland UK               Gate Church                             19:00

20 November      Tallahassee, FL USA                 IHOP-TLH                                  7:00PM


We are actively adding dates. To host a screening in your city, email


*For more on why we premiered The Great Rage in Sofia, visit this page.